With an economy that continues to grow at a rate of nearly 10%, Sudan has proven itself to be the desired target for trade and investment. Numerous factors contribute to its appeal and conduciveness for such opportunities. With inflation virtually non-existent, the government is courting the private sector and urging all to participate in the development of the sixth fastest growing economy in the world.

Sudan's shore hosts Port Sudan and is the only sea outlet that many African nations rely on for a lot of their needs and sustenance. The Red Sea also enables Sudan to access the Middle-Eastern, Asian and European economies. Sudan is also linked to the surrounding countries by air and through an extensive network of roads. It also continues to diligently develop its railway system for a more efficient intra-continental transfer of goods.

Resource wise, Sudan offers an array of the world's most coveted. An abundant reserve of minerals is found in Sudan that includes gold, silver, uranium copper, petroleum, zinc, gypsum, manganese, iron, natural gas, chrome, mica, cobalt, tin, nickel, asbestos, lead, kaolin, granite and many more.